Chibuogwu Nnadiegbulam
is already basic for us Young Reporters to be in class by 9:30 am. So it’s
absolutely your business when you sleep or wake up, just don’t be late, that’s
what is important.
my day started as usual, but with the Nigeria versus Brazil game occupying my
thoughts. It was their first game of the tournament and I knew it would be
really exciting to start on a bright note considering how tight their group
I would be at the match venue to produce a match report after the game and I
was thinking about that too. The fact that the Flamingoes were playing on the
day was the more reason I remembered it was our dear country’s independence day
– celebrating 56 years of a lot of things. Of course that would make for a good
story whether they win or not.
all that in mind, I went for breakfast, where I welcomed a new member to my
breakfast family. Fried egg.
had in mind the usual one I do at home in Nigeria, where I crack the egg (or
eggs as the case may be) into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, slice onions into it
and add pepper, beat it thoroughly to mix and then pour in hot oil to fry
well, I thought wrong. I was served a white egg with a dripping yoke at the
centre and I had no option but to eat it. It wasn’t bad at all, but I don’t
intend to order for it next time.
class today was intense for the first time and for a start, AIPS mentor
Riccardo made us understand that we were actually not prepared for the coverage
of Jordan 2016. To prove it, he made us do a little exercise, which largely
exposed our ignorance regarding some of the important and influential figures
in the Hashemite Kingdom.
done, he explained the essence of preparation in our job as journalists,
saying, a guy could walk into the stadium that will make a difference in your
then highlighted the need to DOUBT, be CURIOUS and also GOSSIP (Don’t get it
twisted, in this case, gossip is not speaking about someone behind their back).
Afterwards, we had Keir talk to us about FIFA’s organogram before giving us our
assignments for the day.
for the King Abdullah II Stadium in Amman where Nigeria would play, left at
1:30 pm and was at the stadium 30 minutes later.
I was setting up my laptop at a corner where it could be charging while I
worked, a middle-aged lady behind me said “hi, I presume you are
Nigerian”, and I said yes.
then said she was commentating for the match between Nigeria and Brazil and
needed help with some of the Nigerian names. You can imagine how I felt. Trust
me, I did not disappoint. She would later thank me again after the match.
about 30 minutes to the game, I decided to record a one minute preview video
which was on my “to do” list for the day.
to be honest, it was amazing the number of likes, loves, comments and shares I
got for the video. So I want to thank you for the encouragement. It was my
opponent for the day Victor from Brazil that did the filming for me.
the stadium, I took a selfie with Flamingoes Media Officer, Isabella as we
wished the team all the best but in the end, they disappointed us and every
other Nigerian back home with their disjointed display that yielded nothing. So
much that coach Bala Nikyu had to utter the classic quote of his players being
frightened by the name ‘Brazil’ and my first thought was “maka why?”
Brazilians were not even all that on the day.
that one is gone, it’s time to move on and be strong like I always say.
submitted my match report, stayed for the England versus North Korea game which
was a lot more interesting that Nigeria versus Brazil, and headed back to the
hotel after an eventful day.

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  1. Awesome article. Very human and personal like u are inviting us into ur world. The new egg format is called sunny side up depicting the way the Sun looks in the sky and the runny part is called Yolk.

  2. We love what you are doing. Keep up the good work Chi.
    I knew how you felt when that commentator approached you- You were on top of the world as having to teach somebody your languages and intonations Hahahaha. I salute your intelligence.
    – EJIM TONY.

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