Large turn out at the Cathedral in Enugu
was 12.30 am on Monday morning, a few hours after Enugu Rangers were confirmed
as League Champions for the 2015/16 season and my phone rang inviting me for
another party.
the end of the game at about 6 pm on Sunday, the quiet town of Enugu transformed
into on big noisy party ground.
there was a party at the Rangers FC club house where fans, the media, members
of the supporters club and well-wishers turned up to celebrate the League title
was there for that one (because I was invited) alongside Queen John, Jessica
Amadi, Nduka, Lekan Ige, Peter Abaje and Zazi Bariza amongst many other
journalists we met there.
soon as we rounded up from that place, it was The Gates hotel as the leadership
of the League Management Company wanted a “sit down” with members of the
sporting media in Enugu and it was a time for people to actually get close to
the likes of Nduka Irabor, Shehu Dikko, Salihu Abubakar and the rest of them
and maybe share ideas or ask questions.

The partying lasted till late at night

I needed to grab some shut eye after our time at The Gates so when that call
came in at half past midnight, I knew I wouldn’t go out again.
was from Peter Abaje who told me Imama Amapakabo was out and wanted to hang out
with us.
not like I take alcoholic beverages anyway, so what was the point staying awake
all night?
declined and decided to get my shut eye rather.
Why they partied
the reason for the party was simple. Enugu Rangers were champions of Nigerian
football for the first time since 1984, a heavy thirty two years ago.
could just imagine the heart break by successive generations of Rangers teams
that could not win the trophy after that team captained by Louis “Commander”
Igwillo, who incidentally was at the stadium on the day.
the best way to wrap up a title in after so many ways would always be a mauling
and the game ending 4-0 in favour of Rangers just showed the kind of team they
had been all season.

Selfie time with the fans

football they played on the day was pleasing to the eyes. Heck… the football
they played all season long was pleasing to the eyes.
was not a poor side, or bad playing side. Teams coached by Ladan Bosso have
always been fine playing sides, right from his days at Wikki Tourists, but the occasion
was just too big for them and they had no answers for Rangers, 4-0 being a
fitting result.
A well-organized
will have to give it to the Rangers management who did a good job planning the
the gates open was a mistake on the part of the governor, but it had been done
and the crowd had to be managed.
they manage the crowd well? Well, under the circumstances, they did their best.
estimates showed that the stadium was over full by maybe, ten thousand people
which was a scary thing but there were no incidents. Thank goodness.
the end of the game, the fans even held their cool and did not encroach the
pitch immediately like I expected they would have done.
actually formed a perimeter around the pitch and waited patiently for the
trophy presentation before they ran in to felicitate with the players.
was expected, wasn’t it?
was a sector at the VIP section of the stadium cordoned off for ex Rangers
players who needed to see their team win again.
Ex Rangers players comfortably seated

recognized Okey Emordi, Louis Igwillo, Christian Chukwu, and Jude Agada…
course there were lots of oldies who played for Rangers before my time and
there is no way I would have recognized them.
Davidson Owumi was there too.
was so sure those chaps would have been so elated to be honoured that way by
the team.
was another part of the VIP section of the stadium cordoned off for families of
the current Rangers team which showed great planning on the part of the club.
lot of European players complain that they are hardly focused on Cup final days
because they expend a lot of energy trying get tickets for their family.
the players were relaxed knowing members of their family won’t have problems
getting in then that was good planning.
will help when they play in the CAF Champions League next season.
My mission in
had to be in Enugu.
first match day experience of the year was on match day 36 when Rangers played
against Sunshine Stars and I enjoyed every bit of it.
wanted to see how the people prepared for the big match; I wanted to see how
the club organized themselves for the day; I also wanted to see how they would
celebrate the victory and these where the things I had in mind as I set of for
Enugu on Saturday, October 1, 2016.
thing I did on arrival was to go to the stadium to get my accreditation tag and
then take a walk around to understand what was going on in the ground as
regards preparations for the big day.
out of five people on the street were excited about what would happen the next
enough, one chap I met while having breakfast on the morning of the game
disappointed me when he asked what game was about to happen at the Cathedral
which was just a hundred meters from our hotel.
that annoying chap, the people of Enugu could not wait for match day to get it
over with.
I met up with Christian Chukwu who coached the team the last time they won the
League in 1984.
hailed him, of course, calling him his very popular nickname, “Chairman!” and
he turned around, stretched his hand for a handshake and went, “O boy, how you
went, “Congratulations. You must be a happy man today,”
Chairman, Christian Chukwu and I
boy. Why won’t I be happy? You know how long we have waited for this?” Chukwu
said and I let him go so I could continue my tour of the ground.
also met with Davidson Owumi who also played for Rangers during their days in
the wilderness and also was the club’s chairman, leading them to 2nd
place on two occasions and the FA Cup final in 2004 and 2007 and he was
obviously a very happy man too.
guessed that feeling could be common amongst ex Rangers players.
next day at the Stadium I met Louis Igwillo, Jude Agada, Okey Emordi and a few
others who played for the team back in the day.
to say, Enugu was one big happy town because the league trophy was returning
after thirty two years.
those long cold years would have been frustrating for every fan of this great
club, but here we were about to celebrate another title for the club.
the people of Enugu, the party will never end.
fans of Iwuanyanwu Nationale, Dolphins, Kano Pillars and Enyimba taunted them
it was like an arrow piercing their hearts.
they own the bragging rights which they will hold until the end of the 2016/17
League season.
will also take part in the Champions League which they hope to win.
party continues in Enugu… Maybe there will be a much bigger one at the end of
next football season.

What the pitch looked like an hour after the game ended
Coach of Rangers, Imama Amapakabo and I
Supersport duo of Aikhoje Ojeikere and Chisom Mbonu flank me

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