Yobo of Lagos team driver, Monday Abel Rapheal Nwankwo, has disappeared with
the club’s 18-seater Toyota Hiace bus.
of the non-league side, Edwin Yobo in a chat said: “For the past six
months neither I nor the club have not set eyes on him let alone the bus.
the team goes on a break, Rafael uses the bus for commercial purpose and in
return pays the club the sum of #150,000(One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira),
just as a payback for the kind gesture.
time I try to reach him via his mobile phone it’s either switched off or number
busy and when I’m lucky to get through to him, he ends up giving me flimsy
excuses, that he doesn’t think he would join the team any moment as he’s now
working with another company and he doesn’t have any money as his new employers
are owing him.”
if he had made a formal report on the matter to the Nigeria Police, the elder
brother to the ex-Everton of England and Super Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo
said: “Not at all as I thought since it was a private matter that we could
sit down and resolve it. But it’s like he’s taking advantage of my patience
with him.”
his relationship with Rafael, “It has been nice. He was actually
introduced to me by a friend that I should assist him.
listening to his story of him been an ex-NEPA of Lagos player, I then decided
to bring him to the club as the team driver.
the over two years he has been with FC Yobo, there has never been an issue of
salary or him been owed.”
also in the chat disclosed his long term plans for the club.
have a blue print on ground for the club, so we are taking it one step at a
time, as making it to the Nigeria Premier League is a gradual process.
club with a view to achieving its goals has also recruited quality and talented
players. We also have been lucky with our recruitment drive as many players
want to join the club owing to the name and the personality profile of Joseph
our part, we have not disappointed them have we also given back to them by way
of exposing them by attending championships, tours and also managed some of the
very talented ones we have recruited over the years by way of offering them
trials with European clubs.

Yobo in the near future will become a house hold name and a brand in Nigeria
football going by the blue print we have drawn for the club,” he stated.


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