Rivers United supporters’ club take to social media for election campaigns

Franklin Owhor wants to be chairman of the club
of Nigeria Professional Football League side, Rivers United have taken to
social media, especially WhatsApp to campaign for positions in elections coming
up on Saturday, November 26, 2016.
Owhor, the current acting chairman of the supporters’ club two weeks ago
created a WhatsApp group of more than 200 members to push his campaign to
return as elected chairman of the club.
members of the supporters’ club have also used the same group to push their message
across while some have sent broadcast messages over the same medium to
prospective voters.
one of Frankiln’s messages he went, “I will provide my supporters with replica
jerseys, uniforms, mufflers, keyholders and bottle openers so the club can be self-sustaining.
will visit every commissioner and Local Government chairman, members of the
state House of Assembly, prominent/ successful business men and women to
acquire these products and mobilise them to the glory of the club.
will have a marketing department to create employment for our teeming
was the first part of Franklin Nyemeche Owhor’s manifesto as chairman.
also listed via the WhatsApp group other money making ventures he has in mind
like popcorn making machine and water stand.
Isaiah Ogolo
adds that because of his close ties with the government he would ensure that
spaces are provided at the stadium for shops and other business centers.
Ogolo, the former chairman of the Sharks FC supporters’ club is vying for the
position of vice chairman.
simply put up on the group that he is pleading for the votes of members of the
supporters club.
Suzy Wami is in contention for the position of woman leader and she says she is
humble, has integrity and is God sent for the ladies in the supporters club to
move forward.
Rueben Ibulubo
member who put up his manisfesto on the group was Rueben Ibulubo who is vying
for the position of Provost of the supporters club.
claims he has experience and cited that he will be humble, and would serve the
club better than any other.
continues that he had been provost in acting capacity for the past season and
never for once disappointed the club.
Wendy Asonye Odumo
Asonye Odumo is going for woman leader too and she says she stands for
transparency and truth.
adds that she will be a leader who will be leader to all and not any cabal. She
says she will be one who will hold fast to the ideology of the club and that
those who love the club should vote for her
Difa is going for the position of Assistant secretary. He says the combination
of himself and Frank Owhor is the winning one as they can both make the Rivers
United supporters club number one in Nigeria.
United was created out of a merger of Sharks and Dolphins in February 2016.
caretaker committee was created for the supporters’ club, a blend of members of
the Sharks and Dolphins’ groups.
is the first real test of their democracy.

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