With Jermaine Seoposenwe
By Chibuogwu
woke up to an already jam-packed day, with my mind outlining what and what I
needed to do, including writing my diary. I just felt busy even before I
started doing anything.
start with, I seemed glued to the bed until I completed an article I needed to
submit to AIPS before noon, but I was ready in time for our movement to today’s
pre-match press conference.
the bus, one of the Cameroonian journalists narrated how a TV was stolen at
some place where he was drinking with about 19 other persons.  A man had come into the place, walked to the
TV, unplugged it, and carried it with him.
the journalist and the others assumed that the thief was a technician sent by
the owner of the place. However, when the owner of the place came, he said he
did not send any technician.
laughed my heart out at the story. “See mind”, I thought.
was then another journalist in the bus revealed that three motorcycles were
stolen from the stadium that night Nigeria played Kenya. We then remembered
that a motorcycle sped past our bus that night, when we were on our way home.
And the person at the back of the motorcycle was carrying another motorcycle
which had its lights on.
the stories about stealing, an argument ensued about who will win between
Nigeria and South Africa. Tobi said he was giving the Super Falcons two goals
ahead, while Sam kept insisting that history favours Nigeria. Most of the
Cameroonian journalists in the bus were rooting for South Africa. They
obviously want an easier opponent in the final.
we got to the stadium at 2pm we had to wait for the representatives of each
team to arrive. We were told there a was protest happening at the University of
Buea which caused the delay for the teams who were actually coming from the
same hotel in Buea.
have also been stories emanating from Bamenda regarding strikes and protests,
and there are hints that the likes of Limbe and Buea are just waiting for the
Women’s AFCON to come to an end.
speaking Cameroonians feel cheated in the country and they would not mind
fighting for their right and possibly independence, based on what some have
the press conferences of the two teams, I was able to retake a photo with
Jermaine Seoposenwe.
you remember, I took a photo with her after they defeated Egypt 5-0 but the
photo disappeared.

got back home at about 6pm. And I buried my head in another article.


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