Super Falcons Cameroon diary, Day 9

By Chibuogwu
woke up this morning to hear that the press conferences for both today and
tomorrow’s matches was done yesterday.
it was not only Egypt and South Africa that addressed the media yesterday,
Nigeria and Kenya also did.
told me that it was assistant coach, Ann Chiejine and midfielder Ngozi Okobi
that represented Nigeria at the presser. Then I called Jessica, since she was
in Limbe, to find out if she knew about the press conference, but she didn’t.
Jessica and Janine spent the entire day in their hotel until later in the
evening when they strolled to the CAN village, which was very close to their
hotel, to have little fun.
Sam got the audio of the press conference from Super Falcons Media Officer,
Remi, so I asked him to forward it to me.
was eating breakfast while completing an article previewing the final round of
group matches. And afterwards, it was time to get ready for the stadium. The
bus, which CAF provided for Buea-based journalists, arrived MRS Mile 17 at
almost 1:30 and we got in.
journey to Limbe was smooth and we had been saved the stress of hopping from
one cab to another even as I would not have to sweat up that road that leads to
the main entrance of the stadium.
one hour later, we were at the stadium. Jessica and Janine were there already.
They arrived earlier so that Janine could get her accreditation tag. But she
didn’t get it without having to sort out some issues, which included the fact
that someone (which is me) had already been issued a tag under the
organisation, ‘Ladies March’.
watched the teams warm up ahead of the crucial clash. Then, from the first
blast of the whistle, it was South Africa doing all the attacking. Meanwhile,
in Yaounde, Cameroon went a goal up against Zimbabwe by the second minute.
Limbe, Egypt continued to slow down the pace of the match with their defensive
tactics, but that could not stop South Africa from scoring their first goal of
the tournament in the 28th minute.
the second half, the flood gate of goals was opened and four more came for
Banyana Banyana. Jermaine Seoposenwe got among the goals and we caught up with
her at the mixed zone after the match.
can bet I took a selfie, but just when I was about to tweet it, “no
thumbnail” greeted me. I still have not understood how that demon
overwrote my photo.
on, we were back in Buea before 8pm. I ate, rested, and wrote this.
forgot to tell you how the name “Animal Farm” came about in
yesterday’s diary entry.

told me that in the 80’s, when that area was still developing, there was an old
man who reared all kinds of animals there. And people came from different parts
to buy goats, fouls, etc. That was how the name stuck till date.

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