Harcourt based author and sports journalist, James Abutu Onoja has pledged towards
the Victor Ezeji Testimonial, VET that comes up on Saturday in Port Harcourt.
told the chairman of the Main Organising Committee, China Acheru that he will
make available copies of his book, “Hooliganism, Violence and Security in
Soccer,” to Ezeji to hand over to his friends who come to play the game.
“I always
cherished the style, discipline & dedication to any team Victor Ezeji
played for, hence I am supporting him with my book on why fans should shun hooliganism
& violence in sports,” Onoja told VET Media.
“My book titled –
Hooliganism, Violence & Security in Soccer – is meant to educate sport fans
on the consequences of Hooliganism of any form.”
Chairman of the Main
Organising Committee, China Acheru told VET Media that what Onoja has done is a
welcome development.
“In events like these,
not every sponsor or partner will give you money. But sometimes things like
these go a long way to show that the people around are interested in what you
are doing,” Acheru said.
“Like we have said
many times before, Victor Ezeji deserves this testimonial and it will hold on Saturday
in Port Harcourt. We are also happy at the level of awareness it is creating
within and around Port Harcourt as well as across the country.
“We need more people like
Onoja around us and maybe then we will truly be confident to say Victor Ezeji
is well loved in Nigeria.”


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