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is not a joke but it is now four years and one week to the day a record was
broken in Nigerian and maybe world football as seventy nine goals were scored
in a single league game.
fact one hundred and forty six goals were scored across two games.
remember that encounter so well as I had just started working in a new radio station
and that story broke just in the nick of time.
I first heard that so many goals were scored in two league games some questions
ran through my mind and I was asking how you can score that many goals in 90
the ball passed? Didn’t you at least hold on to the ball before your opponents
won it and scored? What really happened? So I began my investigations.
this, below was the report of the proceeding on the day, as reported by
Two matches in Nigeria’s Amateur league game
witnessed a combined, mind-boggling total of 146 goals.
Police Machine FC from Yola obliterated Bubayero FC
from Gombe by 67-0.
Not to be outdone, Plateau United Feeders from Jos
made it 79-0 against Akurba FC from Nasarawa.
The four teams were involved in one of eight groups
in the Nigerian Amateur Division 4 play-offs, the sixth tier of domestic
football in the country.
Going into the last round of games at the Bauchi
centre, Police Machine and Plateau United Feeders were level on points, and
goal difference was expected to determine progress.
NFF head of Competitions Mohammed Sanusi expressed
outrage at the results.
“This is a disgrace. We have confirmed the results
from the centre and it is totally unacceptable,” he tells
“The amateur league board will take a decision on it as soon as possible.”
In the interim, Tanko Maiyaki, the coordinator for
the Bauchi centre, has announced the immediate cancellation of all results from
the centre.
Amateur league board Secretary Emmanuel Adesanya
added that the match officials had also been suspended pending further
disciplinary action.
“The match officials have been suspended. The good
news is that none of these teams are part of our league as yet. At the moment,
they are simply representatives of their states, and only the group winners
would have qualified to join the Nationwide Amateur League.
“We cannot allow such fraudulent teams to be part of
our league. But the board will take a final decision.”
what really happened on the day?
were four teams in one of eight groups in the Nigeria Amatuer League Division 4
play-offs, which was the 6th tier of domestic football in the
teams, Police Machine FC of Yola, Bubayero FC from Gombe, Plateau United Feeders
and Akurba FC of Nasarawa had played two rounds of games.
the final day, Police Machine and Plateau United Feeders had six points each
and both needed to win their final game to finish leaders on points and goals
difference to qualify for the next division.
this was where the drama began.
opponents of Police Machine, Bubayero FC and the opponents of Plateau United,
Akurba FC did not stand a chance and were compromised by their opponents to
throw the games.
Nigeria Football Federation did their best to avoid a match fixing situation by
having both games played simultaneously, one at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa
Stadium and the other at the games village, but each team had an agent at the
other venue to brief his team on what was going on so they know the number of
goals they had to score.
based sports journalist, Joshua Tekidek watched one of the games and he told that it was a complete mess.
the end of the first half, Plateau United led 7-0 while Police Machine led 6-0,”
Tekidek told
it had to be mind blowing that Plateau United scored 72 goals in a 45 minute 2nd
half while Police Machine got 61 goals in the second half so how did that
of them needed to win and score more than the other for a better goals
difference so when at half time, their agents in each ground sent messages on the
score lines, they each needed to score more.
started scoring goals. Sometimes the defenders would just pass the ball back to
his goalkeeper, he opens his legs and it will be a goal. It was very funny,”
Tekidek said.
match coordinator, Maiyaki was so angry that he got the police to arrest
players of both teams but they all ran away.”
Nigeria Football Federation thereafter banned players and officials of all for
teams for  ten years as well as the
clubs,  but my honest thought was that
they should have sanctioned the referees because there was just no way you
could score 72 goals in 45 minutes without help from the referee to extend the half.
also thought the players and officials of both teams should have been arrested
including the fans that stayed for ninety minutes to watch that mess.
years after that incident, the coach of the Plateau United Feeders team, Victor
Wickadason was appointed head coach of Plateau United FC but after outcry from
the country’s meda citing that he had previously been banned for life, his club
was prompted to action and they terminated his appointment.
he had served as assistant coach of Plateau United unnoticed for at least a
year before then.
is the list of the players and officials who brought Nigerian football to shame
in July 2013.
Names of banned
players and coaches in that scandal
Akurba United
FC, Lafia
Usman, Bala Dio, Musa Ahmad, Abba Musa, Usman Babaji, Arijide Said Timothy,
Sabo Ahmed, Kasimu Yunusa, Alkama Hussieni, Shehu Abubakar, Almakura Danladi,
James Mathias, Arubakar Labaran, Yahaja Adamu.
Team Officials
Onuegbi-I (Chief Coach), Musa Abdullahi (Assistantcoach), Tanko Usman
Plateau United
Ilo, Jacob Bulus, Emmanuel Mathew, Ezekiel Damiri, Paul Danjuma, Mathew Luka,
Tenton Yamen, Katura Christopher, Kika James, John David, Ugochukwu Kingsley,
Safiyanu Idris, Daform Pam, Alexanda Longs, Joseph Dokatri, Laila Ibrahim, Sani
Mohammed, Solomon Effom.
Team Officials
Wikadson (Chief Coach), Sani Mohammed (Assistant Coach), John Babo (Assistant
Coach ), Shuaibu Usman (Welfare), Garba Mohammed (Masseaur), Babawo Sambo
(Curator), Danladi Bala (Team Manager)
Match Officials
Okeneye (Match Commissioner), Mohammed Mohammed (Center Referee), S. Chiroma
(Assistant Ref 1), A. Shina (Asst Ref 2), H. Murtala (Reserved Ref).

Bubayero FC, Gombe
Mohammed , Isah Mohammed, Williams Bulus, Abdulwahab Salisu, Ibrahim Jalo
Famous, Mubarak Dauda, Abdulraman Abubai, Musa Adamu, Abdullah I Au Bakar,
Stanley Wirba, Abdulganiu Samaila, Musa Ibrahim, Waziri Aliyu, Ephram Alizo,
Johny Mark, Umar Yahoya
Team Officials
Coach, Bala Yahari, Usman Abubakar( Assistant Coach), Umar Bapar (Team Manager)
Police Machine
FC, Yola
Dair Remi, Linison John, Enema Samson, Emmanuelgrengory, Abubakar Mustapha,
Johnson Mike, Lazarus Ahmed, Bala Rabiu, Gabriel Emmanuel, Dahiru Mohammed,
Bashir Yahaya, John Salisu, Baffa Abubakar, Ibrahim Hamman, Danjuma Friday,
Samaila Adamu, Ahmed Kabiru, Harison Smart
Team Officials
Ali (Chief Coach), Gambo Yakubu (Technical Adviser), John Felix (Deputy
Technical Adviser), Bigman Emmanuel (Training Officer), Danladi Musa
Feeder FC 2-0 Bubayaro
0-2 Police Machine
Utd Feeders 0-0 Police Machine
FC 0-0 Akurba FC
Machine 67-0 Bubayaro
United Feeders 79-0 Akurba FC
the results you will see that between Plateau United and Police Machine FC,
only four goals were scored in four games.
of a sudden, one hundred and forty six were scored in another two.

and have a great day.



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