Peter Abaje
teams started the race for the current season with equal
opportunities but by match day 37 we should start talking about teams
set for life in the lower division.
the teams battling to remain in the elite league is Rivers United and
with three games left, the Stanley Eguma tutored lads are condemned
to scoop a minimum of 6pts to be sure of life in the elite league
next season.
major worry is not their survival but what should be done before next
season gets underway.
us assume the team survives, do you think the current management and
technical set up should continue in their positions next season?
obvious answer is a capital No for me.
saw the poor run of form coming, not after the avalanche of preseason
matches that even took the team to Spain.
permit me to describe their tour of Spain and coach Eguma’s sojourn
in Serbia for a refresher course as an effort in futility.
is a good coach by all standards and he has the ability to spot
talent but developing them into top players is his bane and his work
ethic is poor to say the least.
is no doubting the fact that Eguma lost his dressing room and
popularity amongst the fans because of the plethora of poor results
and the very recent Aiteo Federation Cup loss to Amateur side, Julius
Atete FC should be the proverbial straw that finally broke the
camel’s back but until then he remains coach of Rivers United FC.
have my fears that Eguma may not be sacked eventually.
know why?
governor of Rivers State, Barrister Nyesom Wike is cousins with
Stanley Eguma.
will tell his cousin that most of the players on the books of the
club were imposed on him by certain people around him.
if I were the Sports Commissioner, Boma Iyaye, the above argument
will not get to the ears of the governor before the coach is shown
the exit door because tax payers’ money was not wasted on preseason
training to get such awful performance.
General Manager, Okey Kpalukwu will have to go as well.
is his ineptitude as administrative head is legendary as it is well
known that he was the reason why the now defunct Sharks FC were
relegated from the NPFL two seasons ago.
the need for him and the entire management team to be shown the exit
door at the end of the season.
are also many interests in the team which include duplication of
team has a General Manager, a Director of Football, a General
Coordinator, a chief scout, series of assistant coaches, all of these
claiming they have an equal stake in the team, causing more harm than
good as regards decision taking.
all these could work together if their duties were all spelled out,
but the case with Rivers United is one of each man wanting to do the
job of the other causing lots of bickering and infighting.
technical unit and management unit are not the only unit that needs
overhaul as the playing staff equally needs some pruning.
spent forces were brought into the team at the start of the season by
folks who were not after quality but personal gains.
these misfits were dropped in mid season for another set of spent
forces numbering 19 or there about and instead of adding value to the
system they further compounded the woes of the team.
the ideal thing to do is to dissolve the management, technical crew
and retain about 17 players because these season is a disaster
the above measure is not taken, I do not see the team surviving next
season if they do this season.

humble thoughts


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