Nigeria’s coach to the African
Nations Championships, CHAN, Salisu Yusuf does not yet have any idea
what his opponents are like or how they play.

plays in a group that has Libya, Rwanda and Equitorial Guinea but no
scouting has been done and Yusuf may be walking blind when he comes
up against them from January 15, 2018.

told that even though he currently knows next
to nothing about his opponents, details may be available before the
competition starts.

far we do not know anything about them. I spoke with somebody who
said he would send me some information by Wednesday or Thursday.

are still scouting. Every team has its strength and weaknesses so if
we can have the data we will use it well. We hope to get all of these
before the competition starts,” Salisu Yusuf told

were right

Yusuf added that he has been
very impressed with the level of preparation of the team.

am indeed satisfied with the preparations. We spent two weeks
together at the LMC competition in Kano then returned to Abuja for
another three weeks so I think my team is ready physically,
technically and tactically. We also believe we will do the nation
proud,” Yusuf said.

added that the mood in camp is very positive and they are looking
forward to the competition and want to do well in it.”

without a target

until Monday night when the team departed for Morocco, no performance
target was given to them by the leadership of the Nigeria Football
Federation as Yusuf revealed to

target was given to me but the essence of participating in any
competition is to win it. So any time you are given the opportunity,
you want to win.

own ambition is to win so the country can be proud of us.”

however has set a personal target for himself and the team which is
to surpass the feat of the last Nigerian team that played in the

cannot say we will win, but we will work hard towards it. Every team
there wants to win the Cup.

will do our best to see that we surpass the last position we had at
the CHAN.”

team flew out of Nigeria on Monday night from the Nnamdi Azikiwe
International Airport, Abuja.

will train in Rabat for a few days before heading to Tangier on


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