of the Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick has tendered unreserved
apologies to Nigerians for the disastrous organization of the Federation’s
flagship football competition, the AITEO/ Federation Cup.
however refuses to shift ground on comments made to the British Broadcasting
Corporation, BBC on what they(the Federation) plan to do with suspended Super
Eagles coach, Salisu Yusuf at the expiration of his one year hiatus from coaching.
Poorest Federation
Cup ever?
of Nigerian football have described the 2018 AITEO Federation Cup, formerly
known as FA Cup as one of the worst organized in the history of Nigerian
Kogi United, a club banned from the competition in 2017 for two years found
themselves playing in it and up till the Round of 16 with no word from the
Federation how that happened.
in the earlier stages of the competition, there was no AITEO presence at the
venues making the games look like mere street football games.
Enyimba was forced to rush their games, playing five matches in ten days plus
two eighteen hour road trips in the same period to catch up with AITEO Cup
matches and their CAF Confederation Cup games, only for the Cup final to be
eventually moved by one week.
for this competition had never been this chaotic.
the AITEO Cup, I personally apologise to every one because everything we have
done this year has been basically a makeshift arrangement.
is why we are apologizing because it has really been makeshift. Yes we are
coming out with a grandiose finale in Yenagoa and Asaba but by next year we are
going to do something that is out of this world,” Pinnick told
at the League too. It did not end and that is why I keep saying that crisis
situation does not pay anybody, it doesn’t.
role is purely destructive and that is why the media should be very objective
in their reportage.
the things happening were not caused by me.” Pinnick said.
Defiant on Salisu
Pinnick, however, remains strong headed over the future of Salisu Yusuf.
Ethics Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation recommended a one year
suspension for the Super Eagles coach which was carried out, his offence being
that he was caught on tape receiving one thousand dollars (about three hundred
and sixty thousand naira) from Ghanaian investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw
who was posing to be a football agent.
brief was to ensure two players make it to the final Nigerian team for the
African Nations Championships, CHAN, holding in Morocco.
insists he is right to say Salisu will return to the Super Eagles after one
somebody is guilty of a sin and if you look at the magnitude of the sin, he did
not go there to solicit, they came to him.
it did not influence his decision and that is why they gave him one year. Even
in the Bible Jesus Christ said ‘he who is without sin should cast the first
stone?’ Pinnick told
went to prison, came back and became president, Nelson Mandela went to prison,
came back and became president,” Pinnick continued.
have seen a lot of things. We have trained this man, formally and informally.
He committed a sin, not intentionally. You mean after one year we should just
discard him?
assuming we say he shouldn’t come back, you have shut him out of football. He
will have options and the options are not positive, maybe joining Boko Haram,
maybe joining the militants or doing something destructive.”
NFF president argued that punishment should be meted out to restore people and
not to annihilate them.
these things are restorative. When you punish somebody, you want him to be a
better person not to annihilate or destroy him. People should realise this, and
I stand firm to say it.
am very emphatic. We shouldn’t be hypocrites. Because he did what? He shouldn’t
come close to the national team? We are going to stand firmly. Once he is done,
we welcome him back. But do you also think that once he is back he will do
something like that? No! He will become a better person,” Amaju Pinnick said.
the absence of Salisu Yusuf there has been addition to the coaching ranks at
the Super Eagles to fill up the vacant position of chief coach.
are some reactions to Amaju Pinnick’s stance on the Social Media app, Twitter.
worried about the precedent that “welcome” sets. Good enough, Salisu is a great
guy, but we need to be careful with the message we are sending to young people


This would be a very terrible mistake

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