Ndoki people are looking forward to the Osteen Ejiasa Ndoki Unity Cup

of Ndoki are looking forward to the opening ceremony of the Osteen
Ejiasa Ndoki Unity Cup on Sunday, March 24, 2019.
game is between Obohia and Obeaku.
Harcourt based Sportscaster, Emeka Dennar, himself an Ndoki son says
the people are every expectant and cannot wait for the kick off.
is something we are looking forward to. The Ndoki people like good
football. I am from Azumini and we also play a football tournament
every December,” Dennar said.
from the football, I am sure there is a prize money so there is
something to play for and it is also a time to make friends.
all speak the same language though we are in different states,”
Dennar said.
Dennar, who is Head of Sports at Today 95.1 FM in Port Harcourt also
took time to explain who the Ndoki people are.
Ndoki people, like the Ijaws are very unique people and fall into
three different states, Abia, Rivers and Akwa Ibom.
football competition will be a good place to unite the people of
three different states, though the same. Talents will also be
discovered,” Dennar said.

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