By Jude Ochang

Well, the highlight of my fifth day in Egypt covering the AFCON was that I finally found a Nigerian food vendor. I guess everything is okay for me now, or at least most of it.

But my day did not start with the food vendor, did it?

I had started accumulating some dirty clothes so it was necessary to get them washed. And then, I noticed we didn’t have a bucket at the hotel, so I returned them to my bag and caught another round of sleep.

I eventually woke up hungry and it was time to face another of my big challenge (getting food), we always hear about people not having enough money to eat but this wasn’t the case, there was absolutely no food that would satisfy me, so it was down to bread and juice again. Na wa oooo.

With Big K, Kelechi Nkoro

I eventually had it and went for a cold pack of juice I had kept in the fridge to wash it down. I knew it was almost time up for bread and juice as the taste was no longer satisfactory.

The US Democratic Presidential debate had been trending on twitter so I switched on the Television to keep tabs on how it was panning out- it was the second round of the debates with Front runner Joe Biden being attacked by some opponents over some policies of his blah blah blah

Off to the training session

At this time, it was about 2 hours to the training session, so I picked myself up, washed up and hit the road. It would be about an hour’s drive so I had to leave early.

I got to the training base and it wasn’t long after the boys turned up, led by the gaffer. Some light warm-ups stretch and some tactical experiments were the highlights for the evening.

Finally, I am free of my struggles

With Bibian Onwugbolu

Since the session was open, I realized there were some students of the Academy who looked Nigerian, got close, eavesdropped and I quickly figured out that they were my Jos brothers.

I could tell from their accent, having been born and schooled there. It was another lucky day after all.

“Una good evening oooo,” I said. “Good evening bros,” was the response. Ah! E sweet me die. So I asked them where I could get typical Naija food, their response was so reassuring.

“Wetin u wan chop? Swallow, Rice and yam dey.”

Lol…one of my challenges had been settled.

I told them I wanted eba and they quickly put a call across and I was hooked to the food seller. I asked how much and madam said a plate of food would cost 200 Egyptian pounds i.e about N4200. Chai!!!! I don suffer. But because I was hungry, I asked for a plate of Garri and Ogbono soup. Got served, paid and I bagged it. I was gonna eat it when I return to my hotel.

It wasn’t particularly a super meal, but it was Nigerian food, wasn’t it?

I fell asleep afterward and that was it for the day. Tomorrow, Nigeria play against Madagascar.


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