Odion Ighalo send a message to his wife and kids after scoring against Cameroon

By China Acheru

Odion Ighalo scored twice on Saturday to ensure a famous Nigeria victory against Cameroon in the Africa Cup of Nations Round of 16 but that is not all about his goals on the day.

After drawing first blood with a deflected effort in the 18th minute, Ighalo ran off towards the corner flag to celebrate with his mates.

On return to the pitch, he made a sign with fingers on both hands forming a circular shape that got folks talking, wondering what that meant.

But Ighalo told NigerianFootballer.com that there was nothing uncanny or sinister about the sign he made after scoring the goal.

It was simply a love sign to my wife and kids,” Ighalo said after the game.

Ighalo would not reveal the origin of the sign or its deep meanings but at least threw some light into why he did it after scoring against Cameroon.

It is a sign to show them that all I am doing is for them.

They are the only ones that support me even in bad moments,” he said.

Iglaho has scored fourteen times for Nigeria since he made his debut on 26th of March 2015 in a 1-0 loss at home to Uganda. He has played thirty-two times for Nigeria, averaging a goal every two games.

Odion and Sonia have been married for seven years and have three kids- two boys and a girl.


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