Kadiri Ikhana

Former coach of Sharks, Enyimba and Kano Pillars, Kadiri Ikhana says he needs help to offset medical bills regarding an injury that has left him in severe pains and unable to move properly.

In a telephone interview that went viral on Sunday, Ikhana pleaded with members of the public to come to his aid as he is in severe pain.

It started long ago, not now. Even while I was in Enyimba I had the problem but I had been trying to manage it,” Ikhana said.

I left Kano Pillars. That was the last club I coached, because of the injury. I thought going away from coaching would solve it but unfortunately, it did not.

I was all along thinking the pain will subside. I have spent a lot of money, all the same, the injury still remains. It is so bad now that I cannot walk well. It is not something I can just explain,” Ikhana cried.

Kadiri Ikhana played for Bendel Insurance for five seasons, winning the FA Cup against Rangers in 1978. He was also part of the 1980 Eagles team that won the AFCON in Lagos.

Ikhana continued that only two of his former clubs, Enyimba and Kano Pillars have contacted him.

This is the first time I am letting out what is happening to me. I have not discussed it with anybody.

Enyimba and Kano Pillars are aware and have been in touch with me. From time to time I go to the doctor to have treatment, but this time around it is worse than that. It just trapped me down and I cannot move again,” Ikhana said.

It is about the replacement of my hip. I do not know how much it will cost me and by Monday I will be able to get more details like how much it will cost me to do the surgery. I need any kind of help I can get. I am going through a lot of pains. If you see me you will not like what you see.”

The soft-spoken coach suggested that he may have been abandoned by family as he continues to beg for any form of assistance.

He is the father in law to two former professional footballers, Patrick Ovie and Yakubu Aiyegbeni.

There is nothing like that. No help from all those areas you are thinking of. I have not had help from anybody apart from clubs I have coached before.

Somebody mentioned my in-laws or my daughters who are helpless also. I have been doing things myself. You have never heard me talk about this injury. I have been keeping it and I have been nursing it for two years. It is not a small money I have spent. I do not have anybody who is assisting me for now,” Ikhana said.

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