The die is cast. The world may be coming to an end. Wuhan Coronavirus has made sure that the world has stopped moving and we have to bear the brunt.

For those of us who love sporting events and football on television and who spend our time watching it, the final straw has broken the camel’s back. All sporting events and football leagues have been suspended with the last being the Nigeria Professional Football League as the announcement came on Wednesday that it has been suspended until further notice.

But we have been programmed to watch football and sports from Friday until Sunday. Then there is Monday night football and when we are lucky, Champions League and Europa Cup on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before we return to Friday again and continue the cycle.

There will be FA Cup games, and League Cup games as well as there will be games in other Leagues.

And it was not just football but Formula 1, Tennis, both the Grand Slams and ATP 1000 and 500 events. There was boxing a few weeks back the golf, WWE, just name it and we had it. Always a sporting event to be seen on television but all that is gone now, so what do we do?

We are going into the second week since sporting events began to be stopped and we have survived it so far, but can we survive another three weeks? One month? Two months?

I have devised some creative ways to keep our sanity now that sports has been knocked off our schedules

1 Watch a movie or TV series

Personally, I have returned to my first love, which is Television series in the last one week. I had for some time abandoned movie watching for football but it was inevitable. And me, being a TV series man, I had to catch up on lost ground. In the last ten days I have rounded up the second season of SWAT, on the verge of rounding up Blacklist and starting with Blacklist Redemption and then I have to conclude Vikings with a whole lot more waiting for me. What do I do with all my spare time if not watch a movie? You should try it out too.

2 Say hello to the stranger in your apartment

I bet you never noticed that there is a stranger in your apartment. In fact I have always had four strangers in my house but didn’t realise.

Funny thing is that I returned from work on Saturday afternoon last week and saw four of them in my parlour watching television, my television. Jesus! I actually had a wife and three kids at home but did not know?

Check around you. You had been blinded so much by your love for watching sports on television you never said hello to the strangers in your house. Make friends with them once again. They are your family.

3 Read a book in your spare time

When was the last time you read the old-fashioned book, magazine or newspaper as a form of relaxation at home? It has been long, right? You were either watching live games, re-runs or highlights, or maybe just good old SkySports News? Too bad! Try reading a book, newspaper or magazine.

4 Hey Bro! Have you ever noticed there are other channels on your subscription list?

Personally, I only watch the Sports and News channels when I am home and I do not know any other channels unless my kids (those strangers at home) help me out. Boys and girls, there are really other fun channels you can watch at home that are not sports. First, if you are a fan of Nigerian movies there are a whole lot of them to flip through. There are also the telenovela channels, the Indian movie channels and of course the American and British movie channels.

There are also lots of religious programming on television but I bet you never knew because you were stuck to sports, weren’t you? Cartoons? Anyone?

5 Siesta was good as kids and is still good now

As kids growing up, our parents would force us to sleep in the afternoon after school and they called it Siesta. They said it was good for us and I believe if it was good for us then, it will be good for us now, but have we been having enough rest? Are we all sleep-deprived?

You can catch some shut-eye early when you return from work on weekdays, rather than forcing your self to stay away to watch football from 9 pm to 11 pm.

Even on weekends, you may just need some shut-eye on Sunday afternoon so you can be well-rested ahead of work on Monday. Siesta is good.

6 Watch the scenery

Watching the scenery is a good pastime, but we would never do it because we are always indoors watching football. Sit by your window and just watch the world go by. Watch the birds in the air, watch the “yard children” play and make some noise, watch the sunset, if you must. Enjoy nature. There will be no football in a long time, so pick up the alternatives now and get used to them.

7 Visit friends

When was the last time you visited a friend? I do not mean when both of you meet at a bar to watch football, I mean leaving your house on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday evening to visit a friend to just sit down and catch up on old times? You couldn’t because you were watching your favourite sports shows on TV so what is your excuse now?

8 Have sex and be intimate

Not illicit sex but with your partner at home. Hello? Have you forgotten? The woman at home is actually your wife? The man at home is actually your husband? Share some intimacy in that time you would have been watching football.

9 Do homework with your kids

Remember those children we talked about that were running around your house? Remember that they are yours, right? When was the last time you did homework with them? Now is the time before football returns. And if football does not return, then at least your kids know they have gotten their parents back for good.

10 Clean out your closet

Personally, my closet is a mess and I am pretty sure yours is too. Isn’t it time you cleaned it up? Gathered your books together, arranged your clothes and socks in the right place and all? You now have all the time in the world to sort out your life, don’t you?

So, the Wuhan Corona Virus is gradually shutting down the world, but you must take advantage of this and return to your first loves. Good luck guys

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