Brown Ideye has explained how he has kept his sanity with the isolation in Greece away from his family in Nigeria.

Ideye told that he is on the phone most times with his family in Nigeria though he would have rather wanted to be with them.

“It is sad because I have to be calling them all the time. We have to be together not for me to be calling all the time, but now we can’t be together so I must keep calling them,” Ideye said.

“We had a chat with the director of the club to see if we can travel before the lockdown, but he said it would be difficult to let everyone go since they did not know how long the lockdown would take.

“At that time, he thought it would not affect Greece so he said we could be called back to start training soon and we were not allowed to leave.

“It is sad but it is one thing I have to deal with,” Brown Ideye said.

“It is sad for me as my family is not here and I would love to be with them too.”

Ideye, however, adds that the more important thing right now is the safety of people the world over.

“The most important thing now is the coronavirus problem that the world is facing and we need to stay safe.

“Please stay at home, wash your hands regularly or use a sanitizer and keep a social distance from people because that is the only thing that we can do right now and we pray that everything will go away as soon as possible and everybody can continue living their normal daily lives,” Ideye advised.

Before the suspension of leagues in most parts of the World, Brown Ideye’s Aris had finished the regular Greek season in 6th place, qualifying them to feature at the end of season Play-Offs.



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