Brown Ideye

With the shutting down of football, sports and generally, the world, life will not be the same for humanity as soon as this scourge is over.

One group of people that will be affected from the lockdown will be the footballers who have had to stay inactive, sitting at home and depending on exercise regimes passed on to them by their club officials.

There is this fear that it may take most of them a long time to recover their full fitness, but not Brown Ideye who plays for Aris Thessaloniki in the Greek Super League.

Ideye, when posed with the question of his fitness and match readiness at whatever time football resumes, laughed it off and said he is good to go.

He joked about his inactive days while at Tianjin Teda saying he has had longer days out of action and a few weeks will not harm him in any way.

“I have stayed one year without active football so this is nothing.

“I know what I have to do to keep myself fit which is not easy because it is like doing the same routines every time,” Ideye told

Ideye admits it gets a little boring this period to do the same things over and over again, but submits that he will be ready when the league season resumes.

“We normally get the program from our team, but doing the same thing over and over again is a bit tiring.

“But we have to be ready because when football resumes it is going to be boom, boom boom, I mean game, game, game, so we just have to be ready.”

Aris Thessaloniki was placed 6th on the Greek League table before the season was suspended due to COVID 19. As soon as it resumes, the playoff games will be held.


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