Yesterday I wrote about how I got tested for COVID 19 and the result came out positive, but it was not as simple as ABC, because waiting for a test result is almost as bad as death itself.

My name is Bankole Abubakar Okoronkwo and I am a Sportscaster in a radio station close to you.

This was Day 1 of my diary Diary of a Naija Sportscaster with COVID 19, Day 1 .

It was important that I went to do the Corona Virus test because I didn’t feel too well some days after treating Malaria.

I got a number to call through a friend and after calling and giving them the necessary information I was booked for the test the following day.

Have you ever taken a COVID 19 test? It must be as bad as taking an HIV test twenty years ago when you consider the stigma that follows you if you test positive.

I was nervous because I didn’t know what the test entails and how it will look like but I didn’t have a choice, I just wanted to get it done and wait for the results.

The test center on its own looked like a place that palliatives were being shared as the crowd was massive.

They had all come for the same test and we were told to sit under a canopy to wait for our turn.

I was still very nervous and needed to get this off my chest and it was not until two hours later that they called me in.

After waiting for 2 hours my name was called and I went to do the test. They put the little instrument in my mouth and then my nose to take some samples it was a process I did not understand and it was just natural that I did not because that would be the first time I was doing this thing.

When the doctor was through, I asked when the result would be out and he said in forty-eight hours.

Those would be the longest forty-eight hours of my life.

I did not sleep in two days and you will understand why, because there was so much uncertainty in the air for me.

The anxiety in the air for me was so thick, you could rest a fallen tree trunk on it.

I was really anxious to know what result would come out and in the end, all I could do was hope for the best.

I did the test on a Saturday and was expecting to get my result on or before Monday.

Throughout the weekend, I was restless. Every time my phone rang or vibrated, I thought it was the hospital and my heart skipped a couple of beats, but it was not the test center.

I really wanted to know my fate and get over it.

At around 5:20 pm on Monday, my phone rang and I saw their number, my heart’s palpitations started immediately all of a sudden.

From the time I took the call to when it ended lasted less than two minutes but seemed a lifetime to me.

I was already sweating as the voice of the nurse at the other end of the line asked my name, which I told her as I stammered, fear-stricken.

The next thing I heard was “your result came out positive”.

I almost dropped the phone. I was shocked. I never thought I would contract the virus as I was very careful during the lockdown period. I also always tried to observe the safety protocols as prescribed by the National Center for Disease Control, but I just had to accept my fate. I had tested positive for COVID 19.

I could not tell anyone. No, I didn’t want to tell anyone for fear of stigma but I felt the need to look for solutions.

After thinking it through I realized that it would be better going to the isolation center for proper treatment instead of taking self-medication as some people do.

I immediately packed a few things I needed and left for the isolation center.

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