Fanendo Adi

USA based Nigerian striker, Fanendo Adi is looking forward to life after football and away from the regular daily training sessions.

Adi currently plays for Colombus Crew and says he cannot wait to end his active playing career.

“When I end it, my idea is to take a rest for one or two years, travel round, relax, talk a lot on the phone and then get some education about life,” Adi said.

The striker also suggested that he has options for a regular occupation after his playing days are over.

“There must be options, so obviously I will get a coaching license and a Masters in Sports Management. I cannot give a definite answer now but I want to have two options, coaching and sports management,” Adi said.

“So, if I am able to do that, it will be the best thing to do at that moment and I am looking to retiring in a few years and living life not going to training every day and I’m just looking forward to it.”

Rohr, Super Eagles and the Nigerian factor

Adi spoke a bit about Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr and his recent contract renewal with the Nigeria Football Federation.

According to him, Rohr has done well and deserves everything he gets from Nigeria.

“Gernot Rohr has done well and also a Nigerian can do well too.

“It is just one of those things and we will ask if he (Rohr) is worth being there? And the answer is, yes he is worth being there.

“Another question is whether a Nigerian can do the same job and the answer is, yes a Nigerian can do it better.

A Nigerian can do that job and do it better but we must have that belief within ourselves that a Nigerian can do the job,” Adi continued.

“It is a good opportunity given to Rohr. He has done well and he deserves everything he gets, but I am so Nigerian and I want Nigeria to do things our way and get things right.

“It is just about encouraging our local coaches if you give them these jobs,” Fanendo Adi said.

“Right now you have Salisu Yusuf and Joseph Yobo as part of the team and it is a very good development to see an ex-international as one of the coaches.

“Yobo and Yusuf will have the opportunity to learn a lot from Rohr and if I am in their shoes I will just slow down to learn from him and absorb the most information from him.”

Pay to play?

Fanendo Adi took a look at the ‘Pay to Pay’ controversy in football and suggests it is not just a Nigerian thing though it may be an issue with a Nigerian coach in charge.

“A Nigerian coach can do well, but the only thing we would have a problem with maybe, as they say, paying to play for the National Team which you cannot say is not happening.

“It happens even here because when you see some players and say they don’t deserve to be invited, the coach says he does and that is just the way it is.

“That is just the way it is as you cannot fault a coach inviting the player he wants that suits his style they want to play.

“I am so Nigerian and would have wanted a Nigerian coach, but Rohr has done very well. He has done so well for the National Team and has brought in a style that is suiting the players that are coming in right now,” Adi said.

Fanendo Adi was called up to play for the Super Eagles against Egypt in a 2017 AFCON Qualifier but did not get to play.

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