By Kingsley Emmanuel

Heartland FC coach, Fidelis IIechukwu wants the Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL to return to live television.

Ilechukwu told that it will be better to see the league on TV this season as this we help in marketing players abroad

“It will be good to watch our games live on TV in order for us to have the advantage of marketing our players to Europe.

“If this is possible, it will solve about seventy percent of challenges that we have in the league today,” IIechukwu said.

Fedelis Ilechukwu has been coach of Heartland for just one season after leaving MFM FC for the Owerri based club.

He expressed delight over the lifting of the ban on contact sport, which also includes the football league in Nigeria.

“I’m so happy about the return of contact sports in Nigeria, a big thank you to the Federal Government and the Nigeria Football Federation for the effort they have made for the return of contact sport, it’s indeed a welcome development.”

Ilechukwu insists that his club will be ready for the new Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL season on November 15 but won’t commit himself to how he thinks they will finish.

“I don’t want to talk about where Heartland will be on the table at the end of the season because saying what is not possible is not good,” IIechukwu said.

“The most important thing is to prepare because when you have good preparation, it will serve as an advantage even when you believe or think that the things you are saying.

“For now I don’t want to say anything concerning where we will be at the end of the coming season, the most important thing is for the season to start and with time we will see what the team has to offer.”

Heartland finished in 13th place at the end of the last football season and Ilechukwu will expect to do better this time around.

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