Uchenna Kanu

Super Falcons attacker, Uchenna Kanu may not be very popular in Nigeria but she sure is top drawer in the USA where she played a lot of her football.

On November 18, 2019, she was honoured by the Lakeland City government for her goal-scoring feat, shattering a former record of 146 goals by Julia Schojan of Fisher College, set in 2017.

Uchenna Kanu day in Lakeland, Florida

She did not just equal the record, she got eleven more and on November 18 every day is now known as Uchenna Kanu day for her fantastic performances with South Eastern University Athletics.

Since she left South Eastern University in 2018, she has played for Pensacola FC, Sevilla, and now Linkopings, but her sight is now on achieving great things with the Super Falcons.

Goal scoring seems to come naturally for the attacker as she speaks as though it is no big deal.

“It (Uchenna Kanu day) came up because I scored, I broke the goalscoring record of 146 goals, and I had 157 goals in four years of college soccer.

“I did not even know about it, until I broke the record and I was received by the mayor of the county in Florida,” Uchenna Kanu told NigerianFootballer.com.

“I was received and a day was made for me. I have my own day and it was because of the goals I scored.”

Decent turn out

But the soft talking attacker wants to replicate that form for the Super Falcons.

Already, her return for the Falcons is not bad and is in fact exceptional. In five caps for the National Team, she has scored ten goals, averaging two goals per game. If she continues like this she could well shatter the scoring records of Mercy Akide and Perpertua Nkwocha but she is not thinking that far. At least not just yet.

“I hope to replicate my scoring feat with the Super Falcons and help the team achieve more in Africa and the rest of the world.

“I hope to do it, not just for myself but to help the team be where they should be,” Kanu told NigerianFootballer.com.

“As an individual, I hope to have an impact in the team as much as I can, to get the team to the top, not just in the World Cup but the next stage from where we are now.

“At least becoming top five or top ten in the world and as a team I expect us to keep doing what we do, represent Nigeria and push the team forward.”

In 2017, Uchenna notched the 25th Hat Trick of her career with her three-goal effort against the Sand Sharks in the 8-0 South Eastern University victory.

Uchenna was also named the 2018 United Soccer Coaches NAIA Player of the Year.

She played at the last Women World Cup with the Super Falcons in France

The future is goals for Kanu and it is bright too. For one, she is upbeat and very expectant.

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