Before the COVID 19 scourge, many Nigerian football writers, players, administrators, and fans had never heard of Points Per Game as a tie-breaker in football.

But it was first mentioned during the COVID 19 lock down as a couple of countries in Europe used it as tie breakers to ratify their final league tables.

In May 2020 it got into Nigerian football lexicon when the chairman of the League Management Company, Shehu Dikko announced various options they had picked to end the Nigerian League.

In Option 1, Dikko suggested that the League would resume normally and all clubs can play their remaining games on home and away basis until the final thirteen games are played.

In Option 2, the chairman suggested that all teams move to a particular area that has about two or three stadia spaced within two hours of each other. All teams in the League can meet there and complete the season in a neutral ground over six weeks.

In Option 3, they would draw up the final League table using Points Per Game system and have the top six engage each other in a play-off at a neutral venue.

Option 4 will be similar to 3, only that the league will end with the Points Per Game calculations.

What generated most of the talking points were Option 3 and 4.

Chairman of Akwa United, Paul Bassey did not sound like he was in support of ending the season via the Points Per Game.

“The other view which is also very vocal is Super 6. Ordinarily, someone would have said Super 4, but Enyimba sits on the 6th position and they say they have 5 matches in hand and It will be unfair to say someone has won the league without allowing another play their outstanding matches.

“Unfortunately, we have not arrived at a consensus. We have to be detailed and our players have to be ready. Clubs need money because they have to budget,” Paul Bassey said.

Those were the debates that occurred in May 2020 regarding the Nigeria Professional Football League and whether it was going to be restarted or voided.

The story of how the League ended got more interesting in the following months. review of the year, 2020 in football continues with June

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