The Super Eagles will play Liberia in a Qatar 2020 FIFA World Cup Qualifying match and as usual, nothing much is expected from the team, in terms of scintillating play.

The last time the Eagles played, a doubleheader against Cameroon, both were bore fests, with little in terms of creativity coming from the Nigerian team. Yes, a few would say Nigeria created a couple of chances, but haven’t these been said before?

As a person who has vowed not the watch the Super Eagles play under Gernot Rohr anymore, I am here thinking of creative ways to spend the two hours of the game.

So, if you are like me and do not plan to watch the Super Eagles play against Liberia, these are top ten things you can do in that time.

  1. Watch the match: Well, chances are, you could have a rethink and watch the game. Don’t say I did not warn you. It will be a bore fest. You can still watch for national pride. After all, it is your country playing and we all want to see our country play. If the game ends up being interesting, then it is your luck. Good luck on this.
  • Watch Blacklist: I have concluded the Blacklist series, but I recommend you watch it. That interesting TV series featuring James Spader as Raymond Reddington is the story of America’s most wanted man, who handed himself over to the FBI for immunity in exchange for a list wanted men in the country.If you do not like Blacklist, there are other top TV series you could start. But in two hours, in can watch 2 and a half episodes. Or maybe, you could just watch a movie, any movie. There are loads of other movies you can also watch on Netflix.
  • Cook a meal: Are you like me and love to cook? You could get ingredients and cook in that time. But for me, I already have cooked food at home, so I could boil rice and warm the stew in that period since I won’t be making eba and soup at night. But try it out. Cook a meal.
  • Have sex: Now unless you are a two minute man, sex will be much better than two hours of bore fest. Think about it. This is a very good option. Do not turn on the television. Cuddle the love of your life.
  • Watch moths mate: I sincerely do not know where one can find moths this evening, or if they will be mating at the time you find them. But the search for moths and the excitement at watching them mate or hoping you could get a pair that are mating could be well worth your while.
  • Watch wet paint dry: As uninteresting as this may seem, watching wet paint dry has shown to be more interesting than the way Gernot Rhor’s Super Eagles team play. If there is no newly painted building nearby, you can just go to youtube and search in the bar, “Watch wet paint dry” and voila! You will be entertained for the next two hours.
  • Count rain drops: As impossible as this may seem, it is also very interesting. The key to excitement while doing this is locating a particular rain drop, watching it hit the ground and ticking it off as one. Repeat this process and you’d be two hours gone before you know it.
  • Sleep: A two hour nap will do you a world of good especially if you live in cities like Lagos (Nigeria) or any other troublesome city in the world. The danger may be that a two hour sleep at that time may affect your night’s sleep, but please consider taking a nap.
  • Stop by at your neighbor’s place for a tete a tete: It has most likely been a long time since you saw your neighbor and tonight may just be a good time to say hello to him. Engage him, maybe her in some banter to discuss trending issues in your country and I tell you, that may be a very interesting conversation because there are a lot of things happening in the world today. The Nigerian situation? Afghanistan? The rains? PDP and APC? Trust me, there is a lot to discuss with your neighbor.
  •  Read a book: When was the last time you read a book? There are lots of top Nigerian authors these days who write creatively- Abigail Anaba, Othuke Ominiabohs, Sefi Attah, Elnathan John, Igoni Barret amongst others. You will be shocked at how interesting their works are.

At the end of the game tonight, it will either be a case of “I told you so” or maybe, I would have been wrong and it turns out to be an interesting game. In any case, it will be a win-win for you as you either pick any of my choices and enjoy your two hours or, you watch a game that turns out interesting.

But if by any chance you watch a drab game, I will be back to say, Ï hate to say I told you so, but didn’t I?”

I cannot wait to see the back of Gernot Rohr in the Super Eagles. It has been five years of waste, and at least one more year to go.

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