With recent reports that the Nigerian Men National team are just roaming around the streets of America, I decided to revisit these issues discussed on this blog.

When they were first mentioned, the Nigeria Football Federation accused the Nigerian press of lying and publishing unsubstantiated reports.

I wonder who is lying now.

These are culled from www.olajidefashikun.blogpot.com and I have not edited any of it.


Aminu Maigari’s NFF goofed badly

This is the age of information. I remain a very privileged person either as an ex-athlete, as a journalist, as a trained social worker and as an activist. I got the very best of all trainings available to a youngman of my age and time.

I repeat and insist that the Nigerian international friendlies, first with Guatemala and secondly of Pius Oleh’s rechristened Obama Federation Cup are scams. Yes, scams! I mean scams!!

I can confirm that the Guatemala game is postponed to the FIFA free day of 29th March 2011. This will allow the organizers to probably put their acts together and appropriately.

The USSF procedures for applying and approving all international matches in the USA whether friendly or competitive are clear and obvious. Please visit the site:
http://www.ussoccer.com/Schedule-Tickets/Schedule.aspx, all matches that are to be played till the end of March 2011 are listed without Nigeria’s.

Or do we ask, is it not true that human beings all over the world love money, will the USSF take fines and waive all the listed premises and processes before the Nigerians acceded to a postponement on the condition that the promoters wanted to see the outcome of Harrison Jalla’s case against the NFF? Why must a football promoter, whose sole essence in the game is profit, wait on his agent to bring in the cash guarantee to setup a friendly?

If the NFF had spurned NANF, organised a renewed discredit of the person and office occupied by Harrison Jalla and not only made the Nigerian judiciary a play stock but quickly returned to amend their public estimation of our court as a result of the scam matches, why should the event of that court be important in their activities?

Were we not made to realize that the 4th February 2011 date with Justice Abang’s Federal High Court in Lagos not a routine court outing for their counsel? Did they not deny that the court papers were sent to them?

More truth will sooner than later still come forth. We should now change focus to the Obama Cup being organised by Pius Oleh if it will hold as the Guatemala friendly has finally proven me as very right and on target! Shame to liars!!


I have decided not to write too long grammar today but assert that the Obama Cup is a big fraud. Please read from the sources yourself. The Nigerian FA is just a bundle of people who are either confused or gave jobs of organizing matches in the USA to people who do not understand the orderly way that things are done there. Please read:

From Mexico FA website: http://www.femexfut.org.mx/portalv2/asp … Ntca=31352 wrote about the Obama Cup: “Because the organization of the Cup Obama did not meet the agreed terms and conditions, U-20 national team canceled its participation in the Obama Cup of Dallas, Texas.

Therefore, the selection directed by Juan Carlos Chavez broke concentration and return to the activity from 27 February to 2 March. Later, they will have four days off and focus from 6 March.”

This is the link to Ticketmaster, http://www.ticketmaster.com/ the ticketing they claimed won’t print tickets on time… How could they, when it’s a last notice. I don’t blame them and also they are trying to avoid any liable suits that may come in case the games don’t take place. Ticketing issues are very delicate and complex here in the States and they have to walk a fine line. Also, how could they print tickets when the stadium has not been secured yet.

From Panama FA website: http://www.fepafut.com/noticias_detail.asp?id=2167 wrote: “The FEPAFUT reports that the organizers of the Presidents Cup tournament scheduled to be held on 26 and 27 February 2011b in Dallas, with the participation of the U-20 from MEXICO, NIGERIA, PANAMA COSTA RICA and was suspended by the organizers, giving as because of lack of time to print tickets to the games by TICKETMASTER, and instead have sought to delay it for participants 12 and 13 March.

FEPAFUT For its part, announced that having received the tickets for the trip is on the expectation of completing the tournament as part of the preparation of the U-20 ahead of their commitment to the Tournament U-20 CONCACAF held in Guatemala City from 28 March next year, delivering four seats to the World Championship Under-20 World Cup to be held in Colombia in July and August this year.”

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