of the Nigeria Premier League, NPL, Victor Baribote Rumsen says Nigerian football
is as bad as the country itself so the problems of the league should not be
looked at isolation.
his own words, Baribote told that, “The football system in
Nigeria is like that of the country where nothing works.”
chairman add that everyone who loves Nigerian football must come together to
sort out the problems in the sector.
think we should all work together to fix the problem of the league. Nigeria as
a whole has a problem and just like we have to all joined hands to fix the
country we must do the same for our football.
will give an example with the English Premier League and most Nigerians do not
even know that when they started they were given a huge grant by the government
but what have we done to make the league better here?” he asked.
also took jabs at the press who he said have not reported positively about the
every Nigerian knows Wayne Rooney but how many of our League players can we
identify? The press have not done enough in that regard. The press here is more
interested in reporting negativity and scandals involving administrators rather
than report the actors in the league and we must change.
are not saying the press should not report negativity but they have to water it
down because that is the way to help the league grow.”
Baribote Rumson also gave knocks to certain people who call themselves
stakeholders in Nigerian football but have done little or nothing to help the
a stakeholder is not just about what you stand to gain from Nigerian football
but what you have given to its growth and my question to those who call
themselves stakeholders is what have they given to help Nigerian football grow?
Premier League is the pride of every Nigerian and together we must help it grow.”

NPL have been in the news recently as regards financial scandals revealed by a
group of auditors leading to the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF querying them
in respect of allegations of inappropriate management of funds related to
broadcast right fees, as contained in the report of its auditors.

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