By Chibuogwu
My! I woke up late. I mean, really late. Like 9:49am late for a 9:30am class.
I still cannot believe the way, my confused self-sprang out of bed and into the
bathroom. But I was already too late to remedy the situation.
I remembered I slept with a bad headache – I could still feel it a little bit.
And also remembered that my sleepy hand had turned off my alarm at 7:45am.
I hurriedly dressed up, Sonja came to find out what the matter was. I wasn’t
the only one who was not yet in class at that time. My roommate Paloma was
still in bed, her own problem was her stomach.
I went down, thank goodness it was coffee break. So I didn’t have to get that
“all eyes on me” look.
I was told I had missed getting a Paraguayan prize for the stand-up I did
the spirit leads, there are sometimes rewards for correct answers to questions
or outstanding performances and I just missed mine. The prizes were donated by
Fatima from Paraguay.
Director of Women’s Competitions, Tatjana Haenni, was our special guest for the
day. And for over one hour, she told us about herself, her sojourn into TV for
a while, and her dedication to the development of women’s football through her
job with FIFA and many other ways. I took a photo with her afterwards and I
felt good with myself.
class, I was assigned to Zarqa. The place where Nigeria played out a goalless
draw with England. This time it would be Jordan vs New Zealand (Group A) and
Germany vs Cameroon (Group B).
lunch was packed, but unlike previous times, these ones were bulging out
underneath, only for us to realise that the tomato and cucumber that they used
to slice and put in a foiled plate, was left uncut and in a nylon this time.
before the matches, we met with FIFA Television, Commentator, John Helm who had
come to visit us on Wednesday and we saw his book where he wrote lots of
information he needed for his commentary. Just as he had told us when he
visited, there were at least two new pieces of information for every player of
the teams playing.
I had been told I would work on the press conference between Germany and
Cameroon, so while the game between Jordan and New Zealand was going on, I was
already putting out my line of thought for my article.
Zealand were having all the fun on the pitch and scoring all the goals as they
recorded their first win since 2008. For ‘Or-don’, by the way their fans have
been awesome. Even in defeat their support is overwhelming. New Zealand beat
Jordan 5-0. Then Germany defeated Cameroon 2-0 to progress to the
the Press Conference between Germany and Cameroon, we headed back to the hotel
where we told our farewells to our mentor Riccardo who will be leaving us at
about 7:30 in the morning.
gotten so used to him being the “bad guy” that I no longer see him as
there to push you beyond your comfort zone and make sure you are always on your
toes. I surely would miss him.
our new mentor, Martin Mazur from Argentina and our fellow Young reporter from
Japan, Masamichi Oshima had both arrived.

were able to say ‘hello’ to Martin, but we were told Masa was in his room

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