This pic is not from the current league season

After the first two match days in the new Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL for the 2019/20 season, there were positive vibes from the centers regarding the conduct of players, referees and fans before during and after the games.

But by Match Day 3, the clubs began to show the world what they really were. Like my grandfather used to say, you cannot completely cure a mad man as one day he could be well dressed and returning from church, see a refuse dump and dive in.

Akwa United and spiritual problems

This may be what I take to Uyo to stop Akwa United from winning games

Members of the management of Akwa United have this disgraceful belief that any time a particular journalist is in Uyo to watch their games, they do not win.

How do I know this? That journalist is me. Between 2016 and 2017, I had received messages from a member of the management of the team insinuating that anytime I watch their games, they do not win. The person also suggested that I should desist from coming to Uyo anymore. Wow!

But in 2018 I did not visit Uyo for a League game and not at all in the 2018/19 season, but I was there on Match Day 3 this season, a game they drew 0-0 against Abia Warriors and the talks resumed again. Sad that even journalists in the state jumped on the propaganda. However, on Match Day 4, while I was resting in Port Harcourt, they failed to win at home to lowly Katsina United with their captain, Mfon Udoh failing to score a penalty. I wonder who they will blame for that misfortune. But how club officials can even think that way in 2019 is beyond me, but we are who we are.

MFM beat up their own player? Wow!

MFM had won twice on the road against Heartland and Rangers and it was still just Match Day 3. Those were glorious moments for them and the fans cherished it like they had won the league already

However, in between away wins, they failed to win at home. First was a draw against FC Ifeanyi Ubah on Match Day 2 and another draw against Warri Wolves on Match Day 4.

Sulaimon Adebayo (Pooja) reported on his twitter on Wednesday with photos that fans of MFM FC were beating up their players for failing to win at home to Warri Wolves.

This is a team that had won twice on the road already. Those are not fans, they are idiots.

Akwa United chase their coach around

In Uyo on Match Day 4, Akwa United again failed to win. This time it was against lowly Katsina United. That game was supposed to be a walkover for them, but here they were not able to score. They even missed a penalty through Mfon Udoh for good measure. Since I was not in Uyo, there was no one to blame for their inability to win but their coach, John Obuh. Thank goodness, because they would have pointed at me again for bringing bad luck to their team. Surely my bad luck could not be effective from Port Harcourt.

While thinking about their failure to win, a particular group of fans thought of a bright idea. They felt “hand should touch” John Obuh which in South South of Nigeria street lingo it means that they should beat him up and the story goes that they attempted to beat him up. He was lucky and they were not, but those are also the issues with the Nigerian League. Obuh was later reported in the media to have pleaded with the fans to be patient and give him time to sort out the team.

Nasarawa United beat up a referee

After failing to win at home on Match Day 4 against Plateau United, fans of Nasarawa United including players and some club officials chased the referee around and unlike John Obuh in Uyo, he was not lucky. Hand touched him a lot.

Nasarawa United have since been sanctioned by the League Management Company, but our clubs must learn that football is not ever a game of life and death.

Match Day 5 games come up on Sunday, November 24 and we certainly expect more drama. Hopefully, it will be more positive drama this time.

We can improve the league, but do the clubs want to? Hopefully the remaining 33 Match Days will be much better.





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