7 minutes with China

The past week has been very eventful with ridiculous news coming out of Nigerian Football, but allow me to digress.

Remember, my last 7 minutes with China that I tried to explain to voltrons of Akwa United that I could not have been the one jinxing them from winning at home? Yes, that one. I thought I was trying to clear the air on a very touching issue, but it got me what I thought was a threat to life from none other than the chairman of the club. But that is a story for another day.

In the last one week, we have heard and some have celebrated the fact that former Super Eagles player, Daniel Amokachi was appointed the head of the Nigeria Football Federation Technical Department.

The story was so detailed that it also mentioned how Amokachi was picked ahead of former Chelsea FC Director of Football, Mike Emenalor as well as some other choice names

Daniel Amokachi even congratulated himself on Instagram though he had the HashTag, #Yet2BeConfirm. So, if it was yet to be confirmed, then why put it up?

However, on Wednesday, the NFF through its official source of information dissemination (Ademola Olajire) announced that it had not appointed Amokachi and Bitrus Bewarangs remains the Technical Director of the Federation. Hmmm!

So, who appointed Daniel Amokachi? And how come he would not wait to announce himself as Technical Director?

Nigeria simply amazes me. Or could it be that there was a gentleman’s agreement between Daniel Amokachi and the NFF hierarchy that he takes over from Bewarang when the Jos man ends his tenure in June? Then maybe, Amokachi could not help himself and he leaked the news? Who knows?

It is all very messy.

Falode wants Clubs’ FIFA money?

I was driving on Monday and monitored Sports Attack on Port Harcourt’s Today 95.1 FM when I heard the headline that Aisha Falode wants the Women World Cup money for clubs in Nigeria who attended the last Women World Cup in France.

A breakdown of the payments showed that Port Harcourt –based Rivers Angels – arguably the leading women’s club in the country – topped with a benefit in the sum of $45,500, with Nasarawa Amazons of Lafia in a distant second with the sum of $27,534, while Bayelsa Queens ran close behind with $27,103. FC Robo Queens of Lagos came fourth with $25,810.

Delta Queens of Asaba got the sum of $15,081, with the sum of $10,341 going to Coal City Babes and $7,756 going to Invincible Angels. Sao Paulo Queens smiled to the bank with $6,032.

In total, FIFA paid Nigeria clubs the sum of $194,031.57.

After I heard that report on the sports news, I went online to search it out and thank goodness, it was on Nigeria’s trusted sports news portal, Complete sports and the story goes thus.

It said the board of the NWFL headed by Aisha Falode at the weekend came out strongly to make a case for the league board to be given a percentage of the FIFA largesse to Nigerian clubs whose players were paraded at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Now the story did not have Aisha quoted anywhere but the Chief Operating Officer of the League suggested that both FIFA and the NFF should understand that without the women league board, these clubs would never have a chance to play in an organized league.

“And it is from the management of the league that all the players who made the Nigerian team to the France 2019 were discovered and nurtured to become world-class players.

“There is no player on the Super Falcons team to the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France that didn’t play in the NWFL league at one time or the other.

“The NWFL deserves due recognition and if anything should come as incentives to the clubs, the NWFL should not be left out.”

I have read these quotes from Ayo Rahaman over and over again and I can only ask myself, “Who cursed Nigerians?”

Why are we like this, really? Do the Women League now want to bully these clubs because there is money on the table? Why do we as Nigerians love to covet other peoples’ property?

Have ever heard of the EPL or La Liga call a press conference and suggest that they should share FIFA monies paid to the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool or West Ham United because they gave the clubs a platform to play the league for their players to excel and go to the World Cup?

Or let us bring it back home; Did the Women League ever hear of Shehu Dikko address the press that the League Management Company wants a share of the FIFA World Cup largesse given to Enyimba because Ikechukwu Ezenwa played the World Cup in Russia in 2018?

The statement from Ayo Rahaman was a reckless one and should be condemned by the Women League clubs, the Nigeria Football Federation and media because it reeks of harassment.

My seven minutes are up.


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