Barrister Christopher Green, Rivers FA Chairman

By the time you read this piece, I could be dead or maybe an attempt would have been made on my life by no other person than Barrister Chris Green or any of his lackeys.

7 minutes with China has always been about discussing Nigerian football/ sports and nothing personal, but for this week it takes a turn as life may just be about to be taken.

If I am killed or anything sad happens to me, the person to hold responsible is Barrister Christopher Green, the current chairman of the Rivers State Football Association.

I have already written to the Rivers State Commissioner of Police to alert him of a threat to life by Chris Green. That letter was sent in on Monday, June 10, 2019. it is six days later, June 15 and I am yet to hear from the police. It takes less than six days to kill a person, especially in Nigeria.

While I trust the abilities of the police to protect me and my family, I believe I should put the world on notice of what might be, if Chris Green goes ahead with his threat.

But why would he want me dead? Because he has said it before and in the presence of at least four people. The real “why” can only be told by him. He is a narcissistic sociopath who has shown by his actions in the last three months that he is capable of taking my life or those of members of my family.

In the last couple of months, matters have gotten heated in Rivers State due to elections into the Football Association, FA where I am contesting for the position of vice-chairman, while Green wants to return as chairman for the 4th time. His direct rival is Felix Obuah but he has been attacking me through all means possible and not the person contesting against him.

First, he concocted a one year ban for me from all football-related activities in Rivers State including barring me from entering any stadium in the state, but the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF which the Rivers FA is an affiliate to dismissed it as rubbish and asked me to go ahead with my normal business.

Then he accused me of forgery and took the case to the Commissioner of Police, CP Monitoring Unit who detained me for 4 hours on Monday, June 3, 2019. the two people, Victor Ezeji and Cyril Dum Wite who I was accused of forging their signatures had already been to the police to sign statements to the contrary, but Green will not rest.

Then I get a call from a person who says he is calling from the Department of State Security, DSS telling me to report to their office on Monday for questioning over a forgery petition. So Chris Green still goes to the DSS over a case that lacks merit?

Green has history

In 2014, during the heated Nigeria Football Federation elections, Amoni Biambo was chairman of the Electoral Committee. They conducted the exercise that brought in Chris Giwa as NFF president, albeit briefly.

Chris Green never hid his dislike for Biambo and on at least one occasion is alleged to have spoken in public on how Amoni betrayed him and how he was going to deal with the Electoral Committee chairman.

Biambo was shot multiple times by armed bandits who could have either been robbers, assassins or kidnappers on his next trip to Port Harcourt and is today lucky to be alive.

One of the first people picked up for questioning by the police was Barrister Chris Green. How he was set free after that incident is a matter known to only he and the police that investigated it.

Ask ten random people in Port Harcourt who knew about the case, “Who shot Amoni Biambo?” and there is a possibility that eight of those ten will mention the same name. Guess the name they will mention?

In 2011 he had threatened to ban me from football after an article I wrote in my column, 7 Minutes with China, then published on Sporting Life newspapers. That article alerted the Nigeria Football Federation that two of the 21 players were about to take to the Africa Youth Championships were over-aged and their true ages were known all over the world.

The two players were dropped from the team but Green believed I was not a patriotic Nigerian and should have kept quiet about their ages.

At that time I worked as Media Officer of Dolphins Football Club and Green threatened that he would use his position at the Nigeria Football Association to ensure I lost my job at the club.

He also threatened club officials that if I was not sacked he would ensure that Dolphins do not win the League that season. At that time, Dolphins were top of the table.

All these things are well documented.

A week later I was given a query from the office of the Sports Commissioner after it was alleged that Green had told them he would use his position in the NFF to ensure the club do not win the League.

A week after this, in the presence of Media Officer of the National U23 team, Arafat Aliu, Sola Ogunnowo, a staff of the NFF and two other journalists, Lekan Olaseinde and Mark Charles, he made the following statement in a hotel room in Benin-

By the grace of God, na only one telephone call I go make, China no go enter Port Harcourt again… Dem go wait am… My younger ones… I swear to God… Only one telephone call, China no go enter Port Harcourt…My silence is ominous. People who know me… know I am very dangerous… I go chase you come your kitchen…”

Meaning, I will make just one telephone call and China will be chased out of Port Harcourt. My silence is ominous, I am very dangerous and I will take the fight to even his kitchen. Those are deep words to use, especially in Nigeria of the day when life has little or no value and again, after what happened to Amoni Biambo a few years later, one must be cautious.

Men like Barrister Chris Green are dangerous and should not be allowed on the streets with normal law abiding citizens of Nigeria. A threat to life does not have an expiry date so I bring this up now before it becomes too late to stop him. His actions, like I said, in the last three months show is desperate and could go any length to stop me.

He may deny he never said this and that is why for the first time I am making the audio public.

In the usual Nigerian style, he may also say this audio is doctored and that is why I took time to mention the people in the room while he made his threats. Note that I was also in the room and I did the recording by myself.

I will not drop my ambition of being vice-chairman of the Rivers State Football Association, not matter what he does, but this is to document to the whole world that he could decide to harm me and my family for the sake of this election.

He has been linked to attempted murder before, so he can be linked to it again.

Let the whole world know that Barrister Christopher Green could make an attempt on my life any day.


  1. China has done well to ventilate his grouse to the public domain people and sit-tight-syndrome 4 times is a whole lot in a political environment where people are many. Be careful and get yourself fortified my brother our hearts are with you Acheru.

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