Victor Baribote Rumsen

Victor Baribote Rumsen still continues to insist that all is not well with Nigerian football as regards the Nigeria Premier League, the title sponsorship and even the Football Federation.

Baribote told that he will not stop fighting until the right things are done.
“When you talk about the title sponsorship you ask about the people who looked into the bids and decided on the sponsors when we do not have a chairman of the NPL,” Baribote said.
“The chairmanship is still in dispute and it is even wrong that you the press still refer to Davidson Owumi as chairman of the League when he is not but he has gone ahead to sign a long term contract with a company so what about if he is removed tomorrow?
He went on to take a swipe at Total Promotions, the group that won the bid for MTN stating that they have a scandal on their hands as regards the League Broadcast rights money that have not been paid to clubs for many years now.
“Total Promotions won the bid on behalf of Super sport but while they collect $5m they only remit $150,000 to the NPL and the clubs do not get a share of the money and you have to ask why nobody is asking questions.
“I am not in favour of MTN or GLO, I am only saying the rights must be given by a legally recognized NPL board and there must be no hidden agenda,” he told
A member of the board of the Nigeria Premier League who pleaded anonymity told that they also heard that Supersport paid that amount for the League broadcast rights but they did not deal with them directly.
“The truth is that we dealt with Total Sports and not Supersport so we cannot say we have knowledge of how much Supersport committed just what Total Sport is giving to us. We have only just heard just like you have heard,” the board member said.
“It is like a third party thing and though we all agree it could have been better if we talked directly to Supersport, we found ourselves in the this situation and we believe we will get out of it soon. Right now there is nothing we can do about it,”
On the issue of clubs not receiving part of the broadcast rights money, the board member just shrugged his shoulders and said, “You should know the answer to that already.
“We just agreed that the process was not right so you expect that a lot of things would not be right. If we had dealt with Supersport directly, maybe it would have been different but now we can only wait patiently until their contract is over and then we can start on a clean slate just like we have now done with the League title sponsorship,” the board member said.
Baribote also blasted the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF for not being steadfast in the resolve to sort out the issues with the NPL leadership.
“Initially they stopped the League and their reason was that the crisis in the NPL must first be resolved but the League has started without the crisis resolved.
“These are things we must discuss and we will,” Baribote told


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