By Chibuogwu
up was a bit of a struggle. I only wanted to turn the other way, drag my
blanket over my head and continue to sleep.
at the third sound of my alarm, I had to stand up or else… I know myself.
was down for breakfast early enough, class was for 10am. Not class really.
we were told to be alert for our certificate presentation. Martin told us our
assignments for the third place match and final tomorrow – I would be doing the
sweeper for the third place match between, Venezuela and Spain.
was during this time that Sonja, after a phone call, broke the news to us that
FIFA President, Gianni Infantino would not be able to present our certificates
to us, because he would only come for the final tomorrow and leave immediately
after. (sad face).
FIFA had a back up plan. Hany Abo Rida, Vice-President of Egyptian Football
Association, a member of the FIFA Council and a member of CAF Executive
Committee, would present it to us today.
everyone had to go get dressed for the special occasion before 12:30. I stayed
back for a while so I could see Keir. He wanted to have a tête-à-tête with all
of us. While I waited, I took my photos from Tracy’s phone via Bluetooth.
to Keir, he asked for my views on the programme and what’s next for me
couldn’t meet Martin (He wanted to meet us too). He was talking to Tracy at the
time, and I needed to go get ready for our certificate ceremony at Four Seasons
went to Four seasons in four taxis, and were led to a lounge on the fifth
floor, where we received our certificates. Getty images took photos of us.
Wadad, a Lebanese, a friend of ours was like our official photographer.
had a short video of the presentation tweeted. Christine (the colourful one),
Pablo and I were featured.
we returned to our Grand Palace Hotel, we had lunch after which, I wrote a bit
of my diary and slept.
Woke up in time for our dinner. We all sat at a long table that had be reserved
for us. It was at dinner that Farah had her certificate presented to her by
alongside Heba and Nadine for different reasons could not make it to Four
Seasons earlier in the day.
all said three things we would miss about one another and Jordan, considering
we were leaving in two days. The rule was not to repeat what someone had
already said.
said I would miss my roommate; Pablo calling me “Chibuuuuu” and the
classes we had.
dinner, I met with Martin. After asking me some questions, he gave me some
valuable pieces of advice.
had a chat with my African sisters in their room and a good laugh before
recording a report on the final and third place matches which I sent to my

I went to hang out with my colleagues and some of our volunteer friends at
Trader Vic’s, a restaurant and lounge in between Grand Palace hotel and Regency
Palace Hotel. I had a good dance before going to bed.

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