Africa Power in Jordan
Chibuogwu Nnadiegbulam
was another match-free day and we had already been told the day before that our
class would start at 10 am.
alarm woke me up at 7:45, but I shut it up to sleep a little more and
eventually got up at 9am. By the time I was done dressing up, I knew I would be
late for class and I was. Four minutes late.
class, Keir, AIPS Football Commission Chairman, first outlined our activities
for the day revealing that we had our afternoon off.
then had his session, where he further explained our Young Reporters survival
kit “I DARE”; Independency, Doubt, Accuracy, Responsibility and
guests for the day are twin sisters, Sports Physicians, FIFA Medical Officers,
Celeste and Liesel Geertsema. They explained their role at the FIFA U17 Women’s
World Cup Jordan 2016 which includes providing medical services and doping
about the doping control, Liesel said they do four tests per match, two players
are selected at random from each team.
to her, one uncomfortable aspect of the test for the players is having to pass
urine in the presence of the medical officers. The samples they get from the
players, are sent to a lab in Qatar and the results are gotten before the next
what they said, so far in the tournament, no critical injury has been recorded
and no doping issue as well.
they came I had offered to do their video interview when Andrea asked.
when the time came during our coffee break, it was done.
the break, Gianni Merlo, AIPS President, gave his official farewell speech
since he was leaving at 1pm, and told everyone to keep in touch.
are surely going to miss him too. He would always ask how you are doing,
“is everything okay?” And would always have a piece of advise handy.
had the whole afternoon to ourselves save for those who had appointments with
their teams.
me I needed to sleep for once without having to think of a class, match or
training and I achieved that, not before lunch and a little tour of the gym at
Regency Hotel – the elder brother of Grand Palace Hotel – and it’s roof top.
usually have our lunch at Regency and we also have access to the gym and the
swimming pool.

dedicated my evening to writing the backlog of my Jordan diary and I succeeded.

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