League player of the decade, Victor Ezeji has listed financial indebtedness,
insecurity and poor refereeing as factors that have made the league

told that these are areas the League Management Company, LMC
must focus on if the league’s followership is to improve

is obvious that these are areas the league has a problem. Clubs owe players for
long periods and it is like the players can do nothing about it.

is also the problem of insecurity and you cannot really convince a person to
come to the stadium again if he was there previously and as beaten up or harassed
by hoodlums.

there is the issue of referees who are doing their best but cannot be effective
if they do not think they are safe and if the bad ones are not flushed out of
the system,” Ezeji said.

is so bad that players going for away matches only make the trip because of the
allowances they receive but believe in their hearts that it is a lost game long
before they travel.

believe the LMC should look at these things to give our league a better image
within and outside the country,” he told

added that the league needs to improve so people like him can look back on
their careers and be happy about the football they played.

have given eighteen years to this league and I am not ready to quit yet.

I need to look back at my career and be proud of the football I played and the league
I played it.

why we all need to join hands with the LMC and make the Nigerian league a much
better one.”

Ezeji has played eighteen years in the Nigerian League and scored in every one
of those seasons.

last league goal was in Week 30 of the 2012/13 football season against Lobi
Stars in a 3-0 win.

Edeh got two goals in that game and Ezeji scored in the 87th minute.

was his only goal in the last football season and the one that kept his run of
scoring in every football season he has played in.

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