If you are a betting man, then you better quickly place your bets on Qatar to win the World Cup opening game 1-0.

You can either bet straight win, straight win and 1.5 or if you want to be conservative, Double Chance Qatar and these are the reasons.

History smiles on Qatar

No host has ever lost a World Cup opening match. Right from 1934, the first time a host nation played the opening match. In that game, Italy beat USA 7-1, until 2018 when Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0, the hosts never lose.

Qatar are the host nation, so if history continues to repeat itself, then, maybe they will not be on the losing side on Sunday.

The bookies may have called it.

The bookmakers are at it again, and this time someone has suggested that the World Cup opening game between Qatar and Ecuador has been fixed.

Writing on www.moneycontrol.com, Amrit Ramakrishnan says the game already has a predetermined result.


He suggested that the hosts have bribed certain players of Ecuador to throw the game for a win.

Now, I have read that article and I believe the writer is just fishing. He really has nothing to say and I do not believe the game has been fixed, but…

A few years ago, twenty four hours before a Nigerian League game between Rangers and FC Ifeanyi Ubah a bookie based outside of Africa suggested that the game would end 4-2 and asked fellow bookies to place their bets. Loads of people jumped on it, while others doubted that it was not true. The game was said to have been fixed.

On the day of the game, betting sites locked it. Guess what? The game ended 4-2. A few people I know cashed in.

A year later there was another game in the Nigerian league that was predicted to end 2-2. Again, some jumped on the bet, while others did not believe. It ended 2-2.

Now, this accusation seems unbelievable. How can the opening game of the World Cup be fixed? I do not think it is, but jump on it. Place your bets before it is locked.

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