Kingsley Emmanuel

Lagos and Abuja will host the 2021 African football showcase, a first by Gulf United FC.

Gulf United FC, a Dubai based football club that would hold its first ever football showcase in Africa and they picked Nigeria to host it.

This showcase will give talented Nigerian players an opportunity to play football and study in USA and Canada.

Former MFM FC coach, Marcellinus Anyanwu told that this showcase is the best solution to develop young talent in Nigeria.

Anyanwu insists that this Gulf United African showcase in Nigeria is set to challenge lads in Nigeria to prove to Gulf United scouts that their football skills are top notch.

“We want the lads in Nigeria to prove their football skills to Gulf United scouts,”Anyanwu told

“Players will be selected based on football skills, good secondary school results and their attitude.

“At Gulf United, we negotiate the best financial deals for our student athletes at universities in USA and Canada where they can develop their football career at the same time earn a degree.

“This will be better for lads in Nigeria,”Anyanywu said.

The former Arsenal soccer school coach further expressed his excitement of leading the Gulf United Football Club to Africa for the first time.

“I’m excited to be the one leading Gulf United football club to Africa for the first time. We know Nigeria is blessed with talented players.

“The program is set to harness the skill in lads in Nigeria that are willing to grow in their careers and those that have a very good footballing level to participate in the program,”Anyanywu concluded.

Gulf United FC lay claim to being the biggest scholarship provider in the Middle East and Europe.

The program is set to start in Abuja from August 6th-9th while that of Lagos will be from 13th -16th August.

Sixty players will be selected in the Lagos showcase and another sixty in the Abuja Showcase for an opportunity to play football and study in USA and Canada.


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