Chairman of the Nigeria Premier League, Victor Baribote Rumson is calling for patience as the NPL sets off the make changes in the League.

Baribote told that they want to improve the fortunes of the clubs.

“The Premier League is the bed rock of football in any country and if the league is dead it will surely affect football at national team level.

“We also know that all the clubs are government dependent so we are trying to see that the clubs depend less on government.

“Right now we are talking to state governments so these players can be paid on time while we are also working on improving the fortunes of the club to take some pressure off the state governments who sponsor these clubs.”

He reiterated that Nigerians should wait a bit before criticizing because the leadership of the NPL are committed to improving Nigerian football.

“I will rather not say what I want to do because it is better that people see it has been done.

“Just wait and see the changes we are planning for the league.”

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